Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2019/20

I love, love, love hearing about what other homeschool moms are using for curriculum. I will never tire of this conversation. And I have a hunch that I am not alone.

Family Life

Moms, On Easter Morning:

Moms. I know many of you are gearing up to manage your offspring for Easter Service this Sunday. Will they behave? Will they cry at all the wrong moments? Are you worried? Don't be.

Easter Playlist · Hymn Devotionals

Come Behold the Wonderous Mystery: An Easter Playlist

I had grand plans to write another devotional playlist leading up to Easter, but as so often occurs, since my calling as mom and pastor's wife ranks higher than blog-writing, the dreamt-of devotional remains a dream. Alas. Perhaps next year, dear readers. However, with the devotional in mind, I have been occasionally adding a favorite… Continue reading Come Behold the Wonderous Mystery: An Easter Playlist


Super Rad Homeschool Picks 2018/19

Ah, August, you old devil! Month of 105 degree days, smoky skies, and ebay deliveries. When the 4th cup of coffee makes its reappearance, and the but whyyyyyy's sound from the bowels of the house when kids are summoned to (gasp! swoon!) do lessons. Ticonderogas, 50¢ spiral notebooks, an eclectic bin of science experiment supplies… Continue reading Super Rad Homeschool Picks 2018/19