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Come Behold the Wonderous Mystery: An Easter Playlist

I had grand plans to write another devotional playlist leading up to Easter, but as so often occurs, since my calling as mom and pastor’s wife ranks higher than blog-writing, the dreamt-of devotional remains a dream. Alas. Perhaps next year, dear readers.

However, with the devotional in mind, I have been occasionally adding a favorite song to a youtube playlist. And how can I keep this to myself? Sharing is caring.

You may be wondering what qualifies a song to become one of the elect. Here’s how I decide if it’s worthy:

  • I like it. Meaning, I like the artist, arrangement, and performance.
  • It is a traditional hymn and therefore in the public domain. Something about this just appeals to me. For one, it’s less messy to quote. Some of the artists on my list have added an extra verse or a modern chorus, but by and large I try to find renditions that are mostly faithful to the original hymn. My one exception on this list is Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery, a fantastic modern hymn written by Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, and Michael Bleecker. I just couldn’t resist adding that one.
  • The hymn itself contains solid theological principles and is saturated with biblical concepts. It should point to and exalt Christ, not ourselves. I also try to choose artists that are not especially affiliated with churches or organizations that promote false teaching. Occasionally I haven’t done quite enough homework (though I do try), so use your own discernment, friends.
  • You may notice a particular musical style. So I am going to admit something about myself. I often search for the song by using the hymn’s title and adding “folk rock” to the search bar. I apologize for being super predictable. I think the cool kids are calling that ‘basic’ these days?
  • I will certainly consider suggestions and add on to the playlist if I can find a good rendition of the hymn.

So there you have it, and I pray it blesses you. Let the words of our great need and God’s awesome plan for salvation inform our worship. Let the holy and sufficient blood of Christ wash away our sin and shame. And may King Jesus reign in your hearts this week and always.

You can get the playlist here.


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