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From Me to You: Advent Devotional and Playlist

I am nuts for all things Christmas. Along about mid-October, I start subtly suggesting to my family that we should be playing Christmas music once in a while. To which, I get outraged Whaaaaat?!!!s and eye rolls from every quarter. But you know what? Christmas simply makes me happy.

We are talking about celebrating the incarnation of the Living God! The Creator of all things took on human flesh in order to bring us peace with himself. Think of how this peace entered our world; think of the squeezable, kissable newborn baby we celebrate at Christmas. Years later he would stagger, weary but determined, to a painful death on a cross, making a once-for-all atonement for our sins, thawing our iron hearts into flesh, and calling us to follow him home to enjoy him forever. Christmas marks the advent of new birth for all of us who trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. No matter our circumstances, this gift is powerful enough to impart a joy that cannot be extinguished by the sorrows of this world. What an amazing gift!

Isn’t it wonderful to give in to joy and gladness? To worship with the incarnation in mind? This involves not superficial giddiness, but the deep delight found in pondering the massive truths about Emmanuel in Scripture. Let us be filled with a holy glee!

I’ve been dwelling in these truths a lot this last Fall. And so I’m doing something different with my blog for a while. I want to share a Christmas song every day of Advent. Starting tomorrow, I’ll blog a few short thoughts and related Scriptures, and post a link to my favorite version of that day’s song, as well as a YouTube playlist of all of my choices.

And yes, you may be thinking can a type B mom really blog every day of Advent? Won’t she just peter out after about 3 installments and that will be all she wrote? Well guess what. I type-A-ed this project hard – I had them all written and scheduled to publish back in November.

Did I mention I love Christmas?

All glory to God.

Oh, and by the way: you can start listening to my playlist on YouTube here. Enjoy!


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